Major Tech is a market leader in professional test and measurement instrumentation supplying hand-held test instrumentation for virtually every application in the electrical industry. 


Major Tech's test instruments have been designed and manufactured to operate under the harshest conditions, offering reliability and accuracy for Engineers, Electricians and Electronic Technicians.

Major Tech’s instruments are all made to stringent specifications laid down by the IEC to offer protection, safety and confidence in use. We are constantly doing extensive R & D to be able to offer top quality and new and innovated products into this range. Safety and reliability is always at a foremost with Major Tech.

Major Tech tools are designed by electricians for electricians; they are an extension of your arm and the protection between yourself and what you are working on.

Major Tech has dedicated themselves to supplying a range of pliers, side cutters, etc, manufactured for working live on up to 1000V. These range for VDE, EN60900 and 1000V approved hand tools, all individually tested for SAFE 1000V working.

The tool range also covers crimpers, handheld and hydraulic, cable shears, core cutters, tool kits and many more products that would be required while working on electrical installations.

Major Tech’s range of lighting consists of different variety of security lighting. Security lights with built in PIR’s, floodlights, work lights, emergency lights for power interruptions, stand alone PIRs for switching lighting on and off with movement and Day Night sensors for activating lighting between dusk and dawn.

With the global shortage of electricity supply, Major Tech has introduced Eco friendly products into this lighting range.

Compact fluorescent and LED Security, Floodlights and work lights have become the norm, giving the users sufficient light at a fraction of the cost.

Camelion Batteries is a very extensive range of primary dry cell batteries, which will cover virtually any application where dry cell batteries are required.

The Camelion batteries have been tested by SABS in accordance to IEC 60086-2-1997. The range consists of batteries for high drain appliances, Lithium and Digital Alkaline for digital cameras and gaming, Alkaline and Heavy Duty Zinc Chloride, Lithium button and Alkaline button batteries with rechargeable batteries, Ni-MH Metal Hydride, Ni-CD Nickel Cadmium and an Always ready battery Ni-MH which keeps its charge for up to a year.

Major Tech Consumer is a range of very cost effective multimeters and instruments for the hobbyist and home owner who require the use of a range of instruments for occasional household uses, may it be drilling into a wall or measuring voltage to temperature.

Included in this range are electrical timers consisting of analogue and digital timers available to switch certain loads as the application would be required.

The consumer range also consists of Camping Lanterns, Aluminium Flashlights, and a large range of multitools suitable for camping and household uses.