Elcometer Inspection Accessories

7210 Pocket (x30) Microscopee

Elcometer offers a full range of accessories specifically for the coatings inspector, these include:

Inspection Mirrors: It may be necessary to take a detailed look at a specific area where you cannot get to. In this case an inspection mirror is required.

Magnifiers & Microscopes: For close up investigations, the inspector may require magnification of the surface for a clearer understanding.

Torches/Flashlight: In dark or shaded areas such as in ballast tanks or on large production sites, further investigation may require additional light.

Publications: Inspection manuals for general coating defects or those specific to pipeline inspection.

Inspection mirror

Illuminated magnifier (x10)

Pocket microscope (x30)

Illuminated microscope (x50)

Safety torch/flash light

Paint safe marker pens

Weld gauge

Fitz's Atlas 2 of coating defects

Macaw's pipeline defects